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Telemedicine appointments are currently being covered by insurance companies. To request a telemedicine appointment just make sure you select "video appointment" in the scheduling tool. You will receive a link to the zoom appointment. We schedule 60 minutes for a new appointment and 30 minutes for a return appointment, just like our in-person appointments. 

The system uses a HIPAA secure version of zoom that is safe for medical uses and ensures patient privacy. You have the option to record the session if you wish. 


First appointments are generally one hour. We will review your detailed health history, do a physical exam as needed, and order any necessary labs and medical records. 

Second appointments are generally 30 minutes, though sometimes we will need an hour if there are a lot of records or labs to review together. I do ask you to come in for an appointment when we have lab records to review so you can get the best care possible as well as a detailed interpretation of your lab values.


I am credentialed with most major insurance plans in Washington State, including Premera, Regence, Aetna, Cigna and First Choice. People with United Health Care may have out of network benefits that would provide some coverage for services at Birch Tree Naturopathic - please check with your plan. Unfortunately, Naturopathic Physicians are unable to take Medicare at this time. 

As a courtesy, Birch Tree Naturopathic will bill your insurance for your visit. 

Phone consults

Phone appointments are available for patients who live out of the area. You should still be under the care of a local physician.

Phone consults are generally not covered by insurance. A first appointment by phone is $300, follow up appointments are $150.

Laboratory services

I use LabCorp for standard blood tests and other lab services. Generally your insurance will cover these tests but you should always check with your insurance company to make sure LabCorp is a preferred provider.

I use several other labs for specialty testing, such as Genova Diagnostics and U.S. Biotek. Specialty labs are often not covered or are only partially covered by insurance and these labs may incur an out-of-pocket expense for you.

Purchase Supplements

I have a carefully curated selection of supplements available for purchase through my store at Fullscript. Fullscript offers professional-level supplements with free shipping over $50. It's also HIIPA compliant so your privacy is ensured.  Click here to go to my store.

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